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 Read Before Posting: Adult Section Rules.

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PostSubject: Read Before Posting: Adult Section Rules.   Thu Aug 20, 2009 7:49 am

For this section the rules are fairly simple. I hope you all can oblige. Please follow all these rules.


1) No trolling, flaming or cussing in this section. Save all that for the The Flame Chamber please. If you fail to understand do this then immediate action will be taken consequently causing you to have a warning and possible Ban depending on how serious it is.

2) All types of pictures are allowed. Sexy anime pictures are allowed aslong as they are not over the top or they will be deleted..

3) Please make sure all images are at a reasonable size and fit in the page. Make sure non are too big to deform the page. All types of pictures are allowed but not the ones that are too dirty/nudity in them..

4) Please respect all of the Moderators decisions and if their is a problem P.M me. Don't cause a scene in the Forums or a punishment may be given. No spamming, make sure all posts are ontopic or have something on topic in them. No personal attacks.
Make sure all threads are ontopic and have a basic consept behind them. And remember no double posting or the post will be moved to the trash. If you feel you need to say more please edit your first post

That's it for now. We have seen that you guys can behave yourselves if you want to. This cannot be stressed enough - if someone bothers you, ignore him; if he harasses you, report him. Do not respond to him, because that only gives food for a flame war. This forum is here for you to have fun, but not at the expense of each other.

All these regulations may be modified and / or new ones added as seen fit in the future depending on the circumstances.

Most rules from the Toxic Chambers apply here and in the AW Lounge
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Read Before Posting: Adult Section Rules.
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