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 Read Before Posting : RULES

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PostSubject: Read Before Posting : RULES   Thu Aug 20, 2009 7:58 am

This section is for relaxation and chilling.. Please follow all the upcomming rules

The following is taken directly from the Rules which can be found here: MFG Rules

1.Posts/Topics: Off topic posts, starting misleading and/or out of place threads, and promotion and/or advertising are not permitted, this is up to the discretion of the Staff and not the public in general.

2. No Spam: "Content-free" or "junk" posts (spam or multiple consecutive posts) are strongly discouraged, except in The Gas Chamber and Text Games forums, where moderate spam is allowed unless otherwise stated for individual subforums. Again this is up to the mods discretion and not the members

3. Type Properly: no1 wantz 2 c u tipe lyke this. If you can't type properly, your thread will be gassed, your post deleted or you will be warned or suspended. This also includes white or invisible text, it's stupid. Don't do it, it's not funny.

4. Reporting: The Report feature allows members to report posts or topics they feel deserves a Moderator's attention. Reporting is encouraged, as we can't be everywhere all the time. However, you may not abuse the Report feature. Only report posts that break one of the above rules. Unwarranted reports or jokes will result in a verbal warning. Continuing to misuse the feature, and you will receive a harsher punishment.

5. No Spoilers: Spoilers are not acceptable in any way, shape or form. If you are going to talk about spoilers please use the appropriate code. [*spoiler] Text Here [*/spoiler](Remember to leave out '*'). The only exceptions to this rule are Manga update topics that are clearly marked with the words 'Spoiler' in the thread title.

6. No Sexual Content: Hentai, pornography, and other explicit/violent images or text are not permitted. Avoid heavy use of overly sexual language. Mature discussions are OK, but please avoid physical detail. Links are not allowed at all!

7. No Racism: Do not post racial slurs either jokingly or not anywhere. The only minor exception is in the Gas Chamber where it should be known that you can use it at your own risk. It can only be used sparingly and only in a very non-serious tone. Note that you can still be warned/infracted/banned for this and it's up to the mods discretion. Don't use them if you're going to whine about getting penalized for it; it is at your own risk.

8. No Flaming/Trolling: Personally attacking other Members (flaming), and posting in a way that invites others to attack you (trolling) are not allowed, except in the Gas Chamber, where "friendly" flaming and trolling are allowed. Hating on other people is not allowed anywhere. Respect others personal opinions even if you disagree.

9. No Piracy (Tech): Posting about and discussing illegal warez is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to Emulators, ROMs, ISOs, and game or software cracks. Discussing ROMs for systems that are out of production (NES, SNES, Sege Genesis ect.) is allowed.

10. No Piracy (Anime/Manga): Posting entire manga chapters or anime episodes is not permitted. Single images from chapters are permitted for the purpose of proving points as long as the majority of the chapter is not posted. Posting anime music and videos is fine as well. Links to any of the above are permitted.

11. Thread Prefixes: Where Thread/Topic Prefixes are enforced or applied members are not allowed to use any moderator only tags such as 'Rules:'. If you don't think you're supposed to use them then pm the moderator for that section. Failure to comply will result in a first warning and any subsequent infraction will result in temporary bans.

12. No Raging: Making disparaging remarks about Staff in a public thread is not permitted. If you have a dispute or problem with a Staff Member's action, PM an Admin or a Founder with your concerns.

13. Moderator Actions: When a mod takes action such as deleting a post or thread or editting your post you are not allowed to repost the same content to subvert the moderators action unless otherwise stated. If you do, you'll very likely get a ban.

14. No Back-Seat Modding: It is the Mod's job to interpret and enforce the rules. When a rule is broken, Members should refrain posting about it. Instead, please PM a Mod or use the vBulletin report-a-post feature when you see a problem that bothers you, and let them handle it.

15. No Ban-Dodges: After being banned, if you register a new account or come back under any manner while your ban is still active, you will immediately be re-banned and all of your old posts might also be deleted, at the discretion of an Admin. You also run the likely possibility of either increasing your original ban or being permanently banned. However, feel free to email an Admin about your ban status, if you have any questions.

16. Email Use: Using email addresses found on the forum or the PM system for commercial purposes or for any form of harassment is not allowed.

17. Signature/Avatar: Signature images should be less than 300 pixels in height, not so wide that they stretch the screen, and less than 120KB in size. Spoiler code can not be used to circumvent this rule. If the entire size, file or pixel, is beyong the acceptable limit for the entire signature, spoiler included or not, then it is not allowed. No exceptions.

18. Image Leeching: Don't leech images from other sites. Before you post an image either host it on your own webspace or use an image hosting site such as photobucket or It's easy and you won't look like a git when your image comes back as 'Bandwidth Exceeded'. Failure to do so will result in moderator action, it's not hard.

19. Censor bypassing: A couple of words are censored because it's gotten tiresome to see them used all the time without it being considered how it affects the overall image of this forum. Bypassing the censors in any board will result in a 1-day suspension (no exceptions), and repeated offenses may earn a permanent ban. It's time to grow up a little.

20. No Multi-Accounting: Creating a multiple/dupe account is not permitted at all for any reason, joke or otherwise. Anyone caught doing this will likely have their accounts merged (to the original name) and banned.

Although things like creating short posts and double-posting aren't specifically disallowed, please don't get carried away. Posts like those should only be made when there's a good reason, and extra care should be taken to make sure they aren't spam.

Violations of policies above that use the words "strongly discouraged" might result in your post being edited, a warning PM being sent, or an infraction being issued. Repeat violations, or a single violation of rules that use the words "avoid" or "not permitted" can result in post deletion, thread deletion, suspension of your ability to make un-moderated posts, account suspension, temporary banning, permanent banning or banning combined with the deletion of all of your old posts. The specific action taken is at the discretion of the Mods and Admins.
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Read Before Posting : RULES
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