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 Captain of the 2cond squad SOIFON

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PostSubject: Captain of the 2cond squad SOIFON   Tue Nov 17, 2009 9:33 am

Name: Soifon

Age: unknown

Gender: Female

Height: 150 cm

Weight: 38 kg

Race: Shinigami

Class: swordsman


Soifon is staunchly loyal, firm, and unbending in her beliefs. She is a
hard worker and takes a strong moral stance — she particularly believes
in following orders. She is generally reserved and truly not arrogant
in any manner like her lieutenant. She will not hesitate in the
slightest to strike down even her subordinates if they stand in her
way. She chooses to ignore all her subordinates, including her
lieutenant Ōmaeda, believing that personal struggle builds character.Attacks: Shunkō An advanced technique that combines
hand-to-hand combat and Kidō. She fights by surrounding her back and
arms with pressurized Kidō. The keisen uniform has no back or sleeves
because they will rip apart when the technique is activated. What is
known of it so far is that it can allow her to instantly neutralize an
opponent's movement. Soifon's version of the technique is new to her
and incomplete, its use of compressed Kidō is not visibly seen
Suzumebachi : In its sealed form, it resembles a wakizashi with a yellow hilt reminiscent of a Chinese dao. It is kept sheathed horizontally behind Soifon's lower back hanging by a rope.

Suzumebachi's Shikai.

  • Shikai: triggered by the command "Sting all Enemies to Death".
    Grasping onto Suzumebachi with her right hand, the entire sword will
    glow white and shrink in size. When the emitted glow dies off, it is
    revealed that Suzumebachi has now taken on the form of an accessory.
    Covering Soifon's right wrist is a gold gauntlet with a small chain
    linking to a large, thick "stinger" on Soifon's middle finger. The
    cone-like shaped "stinger" extends at a length about twice as far as
    the normal extension of the finger, allowing Soifon’s striking distance
    to increase slightly. Ornately decorated in gold and black, the Shikai
    is fitting of its name, as the pattern and shapes resemble that of a
    In this form, Suzumebachi is still capable of holding its own against a
    opponents sword attacks, blocking with the "stinger" as well as
    striking and even blocking incoming attacks with the gauntlet portion.

Shikai Special Ability: Totally integrated into her natural abilities with Flash Steps, Suzumebachi’s abilities indeed prove deadly.

  • Nigeki Kessatsu As its first step, Soifon stabs her enemy with Suzumebachi’s blade. Not
    only leaving a rather deep wound, the attack leaves a butterfly-shaped
    stamp on the user’s body. Spreading from the center of the wound, known
    as Hōmonka , this stamp becomes the
    target of Soifon’s second attack. If struck in this same spot that was
    hit the first time, the person will inevitably die and thus illustrate
    "Death in Two Steps."The crests are maintained by Soifon's will and are impossible to remove
    unless she wills it; when Yoruichi was still running the Onmitsukidō,
    Soifon could only maintain the crests for half an hour.The effect of the poisons reaction time takes slightly longer for those who have enhanced power.Soifon explains at one point that the mechanics behind the ability are
    not based on being hit on the same spot on the skin, but rather when
    Suzumebachi pierces the exact same spot internally from any side of the
    body. This shows that Suzumebachi's ability takes effect not through
    point of entry but rather point of actual surface contact.
    It is revealed that this ability works by use of a poison, when entered
    into a system it completely spreads in a matter of minutes, if not
    seconds leaving no trace of a body behind.

  • Counter-Poison: Suzumebachi's Nigeki kessatsu
    ability is caused by a type of venom it secretes, which acts as a
    counter-poison, if she stabs herself with it.

Jakuhō Raikōben - Soifon's Bankai.

  • Bankai: Jakuhō Raikōben :
    Its appearance is that of a protective armor that encases Soifon's
    entire right arm and comes all the way above her shoulder to form a
    face shield that she uses to cover the right side of her face.The casing comes off and reveals a weapon with the similar make of a missile attached to a base.Before she activated her Bankai, Soifon wrapped a heavy metal sash (Ginjōhan) around the building she stood on,
    in preparation for the attack's massive recoil and the resulting
    powerful explosion. She uses her Bankai so rarely that it has remained
    largely unseen by the members of Soul Society; even her own Lieutenant
    comments on having never seen it before, Soifon explains that she would prefer not to use her Bankai. She believes that it offends her pride as a Covert Ops agent, as "It's too large to hide, too heavy to move, and its attack is too flashy for assassination."

Soifon firing her Bankai.

Bankai Special Ability: Being a ranged weapon of
the artillery sort, Jakuhō Raikōben has the ability to launch the
missile attached to its base. To do so, Soifon must first raise and aim
the huge missile, using the slits present in her face guard to be able
to see while doing so. Once targeted, small fins extend from numerous
points along the missile, before it is fired.After a successful hit, the missile creates a powerful and massive explosion.
The burst of explosive energy after the detonation is powerful enough
to not only blow away Soifon and her lieutenant, but also rip the steel
sash she was tied with, despite both of them being a long distance away
from the explosion Soifon is capable of firing more than one missile at the same level of power.This attack has a normal limit of firing no more than one missile every three days, doing so more often taxes her noticeably.Kidō Expert:
As Captain of the 2nd Division and the Commander-in-Chief of the
Onmitsukidō Soifon is well versed in art of Kidō, though she prefers to
use Shunpo and hand-to-hand fighting techniques. She is experienced
enough that she is able to mix it with other hand-to-hand combat
Hado and bakkudo:
Bakkudo 1 sai: Locks target´s arms behind his back
Bakkudo 4 Hainawa: A yellow energy rope can tie an object or an enemy
Hado 33 Soukatsui: Fires a powerful lightning blast
Bakkudo 9 Geki: Engulfs the target in red light, completely paralyzing them.
Hado 4 Byakurai:The user fires a concentrated, powerful lightning bolt from their finger.
Hado 31 Shukkahou:Fires a ball of red energy at a target.
Bakkudo 61 Six rods of light prison:Summons six thin, wide beams of light that slam into a target's
midsection, holding them in place. The target is then unable to move
any part of their body including the parts that were not struck by the
Bakkudo 77: Tentei Kuura: Transmits messages mentally to anyone within an area of the caster's
choosing. In addition to reciting the spell, the user must draw
specific markings on their arms, which are animated by the spell to
convey the messages. The messages can be spoken either by the caster or
by another within the vicinity of the caster
Hado 63 Raikouhou: Fires a massive wave of yellow energy at a target

Flash Steps Master: As the leader of the Onmitsukidō, she is also required to be highly proficient in Flash Steps.
She has been shown to almost keep up with her mentor Yoruichi Shihōin,
being able to hit her once with the Nigeki Kessatsu, but not getting a
chance to do so again as Yoruichi was faster.
She actively uses her mastery of Shunpō techniques and is highly
proficient in evasion in close quarters as well as from a distance.
Thus making hitting her almost impossible if not for the most advanced
combatant. Her movements are noticeably so fast that few would be
likely to see an attack take place.

Items/Weapons: Zanpakuto,

Ginjōhan : A steel sash worn
under armor, its contributing weight makes it harder for the wearer to
move fast. The tremendous recoil produced by using her Bankai requires
that Soifon be anchored to a nearby stationary object via this
cloth-like material.


Soifon was born Shaolin Fon
into the Fon house, one of the lower noble houses affiliated with the
Shihōin noble house. She was in the 9th Generation of her family and as
the youngest of six siblings she joined the Executive Militia of the Onmitsukidō
as was tradition in her family. Upon joining the militia, she dropped
her given name Shaolin Fon, and inherited the code name that her
great-grandmother used, Soifon. Out of her five older siblings, two
died on the first mission, then two more on the second. The last one
died on the sixth mission.

Teenager Soifon as Yoruichi Shihōin's bodyguard 100 years ago.

7 years after she joined the the Executive Militia, she was transferred to the militia's corps-commanders, Yoruichi Shihōins personal guards. Yoruichi took the young Soifon under her wing as her protégée, and they developed a close relationship.
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PostSubject: Re: Captain of the 2cond squad SOIFON   Wed Nov 18, 2009 4:05 am

I'll approve this character.
Hope you enjoy your time role playing Very Happy

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Captain of the 2cond squad SOIFON
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