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 Read Before Posting : Rules!

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PostSubject: Read Before Posting : Rules!   Wed Aug 19, 2009 4:20 pm


1) Do not post other members' pictures without their explicit permission, regardless of whether these pictures have been already posted elsewhere in another thread. If we receive complaints from a member about this, you will be Warned. For subsequent infractions of this rule, harsher punishment will be enforced.

2) Regardless of the circumstances, avoid insulting and / or provoking another member. If you feel you have been insulted / provoked by a fellow member, courteously ask him to stop either via PM or in the thread in question. If the problem persists, either report the post through vBulletin's report feature, or contact a Moderator directly. Likewise, if another member has contacted you about the way you address him, you are obliged to comply and drop the subject. If you are being harassed through PM, report the issue to a Moderator. Remember, what will and will not be considered 'insulting' or 'provokative' is up to the individual member's judgement and depends on a large number of factors, thus, there can be no concrete 'line' between poking fun at each other in a friendly manner and flaming. Simply put, if someone appears annoyed / insulted by your comments, then stop. If, for some reason, you are annoyed by a certain member on a non-personal basis, criticism is allowed, preferrably via PM, although it's best if you just ignore them - at any rate, do not publically flame them, and especially do not make a thread about it. Failure to comply with the above regulations will result in punishment according to the circumstances.

3) Even in the Toxic Chamber, threads must have some basic concept behind them. Avoid making a thread without a topic whatsoever. Also, there are already tons of random discussion topics in there - it's best if you post in one of these instead of making a new thread just to say something simple. The same goes for Member Groups. If you form a member group, it should have some reason behind its foundation, otherwise it is void. Generally speaking, threads and Group threads that violate the above rule will not be locked, but they will be frowned upon. However, it is not allowed to either create a thread or form a Member Group with the specific purpose of flaming / trolling on another member.

4) Emphasizing the last part of the previous point - "I believe X member should be banned" threads are absolutely out of the question. Anyone who makes this kind of threads will be dealt with appropriately. Threads that result to this kind of discussion are also not permitted, and those responsible will face the consequences. Topics about other members in general are alright, as long as they are kept in order, but if the person the thread is about requests a lock for a good reason, it shall be done.


That's it for now. We have seen that you guys can behave yourselves if you want to. This cannot be stressed enough - if someone bothers you, ignore him; if he harasses you, report him. Do not respond to him, because that only gives food for a flame war. This forum is here for you to have fun, but not at the expense of each other.

All these regulations may be modified and / or new ones added as seen fit in the future depending on the circumstances.
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Read Before Posting : Rules!
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